Broomfield Care’s star of the month is…Susan Hocking - Broomfield Care staff member


Sue says…

I have a vast experience with working with the elderly from palliative care to re-enablement with Gloucestershire County Council and I now work with Broomfield Care where I use my experience and training.

I really enjoy working at Broomfield care due to the variety of service users and love the role of helping people.

Broomfield Care says…

Sue has been with Broomfield Care for approx. 2 years, she joined us full time at the end of January 2014.

Sue is very experienced working with a wide variety of service users, which she has used whilst working with us. She is very hard working and well thought of by all our customers.

Vicky Says…

Sue or Susan as she hates to be called is a committed and compassionate member of the team.

she is highly praised for her work by every service user she supports. And she also has posh cars haha!!


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