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Charlotte joined the team, and has made such a great impact to all. She is a kind and caring person, and works hard for the clients and service users. She will go over and above to those that need her help and can also be a fountain of weird knowledge of fruits and trends! This year has flown and you have grown! Keep up the good work!

Charlotte has been with us now for well over a year and is by no hesitation our Broomfield Care Superhero of the month 😃

“Charlotte is my go to person, my right hand woman!
I am so proud to have her on my team and being able to work so closely with someone who shares my passion and love for the company, the staff and the people we look after is an absolute dream come true!” ~ Sarah, Care Manager

Keep doing what you are doing Charlotte – we all love you 😊

“I love Charlotte she’s the biggest creep ever but she gets you every time she’s amazing !!! Our Char ❤️” ~ Mandy

“I love that Charlotte is the original Christmas fairy 🧚‍♀️ and that she starts getting excited in November about Christmas and gets everyone in the Christmas spirit way too early!! She is always supportive to me and all the service users, nothing is too much trouble and she is always bubbly and cheerful.” ~ Julie.

“I love working with Charlotte, she wouldn’t expect you to do a task if she couldn’t do it herself. She very much a people person, she very bubbly and manages people very well. If I had a problem I know I could go to Charlotte and she would go the extra mile for me and support me.” ~ Jackie

“There are a few stories I could say about Charlotte but probably shouldn’t 😁 other than everyone including the occasional staff especially when talking to her on the phone get her confused with her not being related or even a twin with Sarah. An amusing moment I could say about is when she fully committed to crawling under a bed to get to the other side but then getting slightly stuck afterwards so needed help to pull the bed out but more to give her room to crawl back under much to the amusement of the service user. I better mention a lovely moment when she was with a client who is bedridden with dementia and was slightly anxious, Charlotte was able to find some old photos of the client, their family and where they grew up and then spent way over the time of the client’s visit, she was able to help them relax and settle them and at the same time learn more about them.” ~ Mike

“I knew Charlotte before she worked at Broomfield Care and I didn’t know it then, but I do now, that she was always meant to be here 😊 ~ Tracey

“What I like about Charlotte is she is always positive, cheery and has a beaming smile every time I see her. Very supportive and proactive. Well deserved to be hero of the month 👏 👏👏” ~ Sian