Broomfield Care has been operational for 7 years now, and have had the pleasure of working with some lovely individuals and families in Gloucester. However, there has only been one Nellie Dennis. Therefore, we felt it only fitting to write a testimonial about her.


We started working with Nellie after an eye op, she had been in respite residential care and was desperate to return home to the comforts of her bungalow in Longford. Nell’s care package started off with two visits a day to ensure Nellie was out of bed, washed and dressed, given her favourite breakfast of eggs on toast or a big bowl of porridge, and of course her two cups of tea. Nellies dementia often meant she was confused with the time of day, and in the dark winter mornings would need lots of encouragement to get up as she would think it was bed time. It was also not uncommon in the winter evenings to find Nellie in bed at 4 pm, staff would always try to entice her up with food and tea. This would almost always work. However, there was the odd occasion where she would refuse, and would wave her stick around in jest to tell staff to ‘go way’. For those that knew Nellie, this was some feat as she wasn’t much bigger than her stick!


As time passed, Nellie’s care package increased to four visits a day, ensuring all her care needs were paramount, and that she could remain safe in her own home. Nellie had a really supportive family, who would always visit every day and ensuring Nellie was well cared for in her twilight years. However sadly in December Nellie was taken into hospital after a debilitating stroke. Nellie fought until the end, but sadly passed away in Jan 2016. For us, Nellie was part of the furniture, it was always a pleasure supporting her, never a chore. If ever there was a shift to be covered for Nellie there would always be lots of volunteers. She was always able to make everyone smile!


All the staff that worked with Nellie have such fond memories of her;


“My overriding memory of Nellie, would be her mischievous sense of hour and the ‘belly laughs’ we used to share. Nellie showed me great affection as well as ensure I made two cups of tea out of one tea bag” Jules


“I Fondly remember her singing a song “Nellie with the wooden belly” Sue


“I loved the fact that she loved children and if you ever called children ‘kids’ she would correct you, and say “they are not nanny goats, they are children and you must call them children”!


Paul, Nellies son commented, “mum had the awful disease, dementia, but she was still mum to us. I know she was well cared for in her last years. Thanks to you and your wonderful team, thanks for all you have done for mum”


We miss you Nellie!


From everyone at Broomfield Care


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