It is so nice to be able to celebrate and congratulate one of our longest standing members of staff. Vicki has been working with us for 8 years and it is a real reassuring commitment for us that she goes over and above after so long. Thank you Vicki for your continued dedication 😊

“Vicks is part of the furniture here at Broomfield. She is always so highly thought of by everyone. Most customers like her better than me, and they are more than happy to tell me that too! I am merely the other ‘Vicky’ hahah” ~ Vicky, Registered Manager

“Vicki is a wonderful member of staff always cheery and putting service users and staff at ease, she always goes the extra mile and I know everybody looks forward to her visits” ~ Helen, Business Administrator

“Well done Vicki on Employee of the month! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to all our service users. Very well deserved 😊” ~ Leanne, Care Coordinator

“OOOO Fantastic Well done Vicki! Well Deserved!
Thank you for all the hard work that you have put in over the years. You go above and beyond and the service users and families can see this and its greatly appreciated!” ~ Sophie, Deputy Manager

“Vicki Beal always goes above and beyond for our service users. Vicky Beal is a highly regarded member of staff and is always happy to help out new staff and take then under her wing on shadow shifts. Thank you for all your continued hard work Vicki. ~ Rebecca, Care Manager

Well done vicki on getting employee of the month! Thank you for your hard work and dedication! Congratulations! 😁😁 ~ Holly

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