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I am writing this blog with mixed emotions. I am so pleased (and very proud) that one of our first customers, is moving on to a different county, to bigger brighter things, which of course is slightly sad, as our involvement will be finishing at the end of the summer.

We have been supporting K since April 2010. We initially supported her with 40 hours a week; however K has grown and matured, now only needing a small amount of support each week.

Our remit over the last 4 years has been vast, from attending college and Art class and community based workshops with K, as well as socialising and supporting her with independence and daily living skills.

In June 2014, K has successfully completed an Access to Higher Education Diploma in Art and Design at Stroud College and in September she will be attending the University of West of England (Bristol) to pursue her dream career by studying an Honours Degree in Animation (this uni is prestigious in its field, K has made the cut from nearly 300 students to get one of the 25 spaces available.)


K will be moving to Bristol City Centre to live independently in student digs, where there is free Wi-Fi!!

We will be very sad to part ways but like all good things, they must come to an end.

K said she is very nervous and excited about her move to Bristol; she is looking forward to being independent but will also miss the support she has received from Broomfield Care workers past and present, such as Sharon, Vicky H, Iona and Amy just to mention a few.


K would like to thank everyone for all their kindness and support over the past 4 years.

We would like to wish K every success in the future….

When you are a successful animator, living in the Sicilian Valley USA please keep in touch…

If you are interested in seeing some of Katherine’s artwork, then do click on her Tumblr page link below






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