At long last, the time has finally arrived! May the birth of your baby bring into your life all the joy you so rightly deserve. Have a truly wonderful baby break !!

“Sharon, wishing you all the very best for the arrival of your little one. Enjoy every moment of MAT leave 😊” ~ Leanne x

“When ever I speak to Sharon, she is always happy and very funny, a pleasure to work with. Sharon will be missed especially when she is creeping ha ha, you know when she after something ! I wish Sharon all the very best and can’t wait to have cuddles, lots of love” ~ Jackie

“Wishing you a happy nesting period, so many happy and precious moments ahead of you, in the meantime rest and take care of yourself, (just imagine a life without rotas for a long time) 😄” sent with love and hugs from Trish

“Good Luck Sharon with your little one, hope he or she will bring you both and Tilly much joy and happiness. I will miss your emails saying you’re on the creep again! Will miss your smile and laugh in the office, have a good rest look forward to having a cuddle with little one soon, Lots of Love” ~ Julie xx

“Aww We will miss you Sharon, mostly on a Friday when we have Naughty Friday! The place will be a lot quieter without you, but also a big empty Sharon Space, along with a food space haha ! I hope you have the most fantastic time on Maternity leave hahaha, and I cannot wait for a little cuddle when we are allowed with the little baby!” ~ Sophie

“Not sure if I will survive without her creeping 🙉” ~ Sue

“Shar gonna miss the creeping lol but can’t wait to meet baby G, love you lots” ~ Mand xxx

Sharon sent us all an email last week and here’s what she had to say …….

Good morning everyone,
I just wanted to say goodbye as it is my last day tomorrow and then I am on maternity leave!!!!
I think you will all be relieved you haven’t got to put up with my creeping for a while, however……………………….………………………let me assure you whilst working with Leanne that is also part of the role and she has picked it up very well I must say 😊.
Thank you all for the lovely gifts and kind messages over the last few months really does mean a lot and Baby G has been very spoilt already. I know some of you have made predications and I’m pretty sure this baby weighs at least a stone already so some of you may want to change your mind!!! In fact I’m sure MR MICHAEL predicted 10 STONE so I reckon he’s on the money!!! (cheers Mike).
Hopefully with the recent news we will get to have our summer party and I will be able to have an alcoholic beverage with you all, well we all know it won’t be one beverage more like a barrel!!
I will keep you updated when baby arrives I’m sure Nanny Mand will be so excited and can show you lots of photos, lets see if she’s still as excited when she’s babysitting!!! haha.
Leanne has been doing a great job and it’s been lovely to work alongside you Leanne these past couple of months, so I will leave you all in her capable hands. I plan to return to work early next year so as the famous words go, I’ll be back!
I’ve been with the Broomfield family over 8 years and still love it and want to say thank you to you all, it really is so nice to work with such a great team that’s what makes it so enjoyable. I really will miss you all.
Take care and hopefully will see you all soon xxx
Sharon Middlemore
Rota Co-ordinator

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