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Lovely for us to remember

It’s such a nice occasion when we talk fondly of the people that we have cared for and those we still miss. It was a pleasure to care for the lovely Gwen in Churchdown – we cared for Gwen for two years, we started off with a small care package and continued until Gwen was unable to stay at home. Gwen sadly passed away not long after but she touched us all in lots of ways.

Here are a few reminders of the lovely time we shared whilst caring for her.

“I spent a lot of my first summer with Broomfield going to see Gwen. I remember the first time I met her she insisted I take some of her birthday cake (it was lush!) and I knew from that first meeting that she was going to be lovely to work with. She was so kind and chatty, and I always used to look forward to bringing her her nightly Ovaltine (the first time and only person I’ve ever made an Ovaltine for) and every time I see it on the shelf in someone’s cupboard or in the supermarket I think of her :-)” ~ Jess

“Visits to Gwen made me feel lucky to be a carer. I loved sitting and chatting to her about her life, you could hear the love she had for her family in her voice. I loved hearing about the clever things her husband did, even making a sideboard unit for the house and the many occasions and functions that Gwen catered for! Although Gwen’s mobility was reduced it was a pleasure to support her to maintain her dignity and independence and stay at home as long as she wanted to.” ~ Sadie

“Gwen was a lovely lady always a pleasure when I did a home visit” ~ Jackie

Some lovely sentiments from Gwen’s family :

“Broomfield staff are fantastic and we can never thank you enough for all the love & support you gave mum. Everyone brightened her day and she felt you were all her extended family.” ~ Sue, Jill and Paul (Gwen’s next of kin)

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