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Joan’s Story

Joan’s story starts in the small leafy Gloucestershire town of Stonehouse in 1931. Here she enjoyed her early years, playing in the beautiful countryside with her only brother (he would later drive Joan around town in his sporty Morgan, which Joan loved of course!)

Joan attended Stroud Grammar school for girls.  This is where Joan developed a love of languages and also found her ‘passion’ in dancing. She went on to compete in Ballroom Dancing competitions and collected many trophies over the years.  Joan often recited her ballroom dancing experiences to her carers. It was obvious the joy it brought to her and it helped to keep her mind and body sharp.

Joan was an extremely sociable person at all times.  Joan loved meeting new people to discuss life, the universe and everything!  This helped when she started working at Dowty Rotol (the company famous for making the landing gear for Frank Whittle’s jet engine).  Joan was a firm favourite amongst the staff at Dowty Rotol where she was employed in the Pensions department.

Joan then met Bill and the pair went on to marry in 1956. They had a brief spell in Malta, where Bill was serving in the Royal Navy. They then returned home where they watched their house for life being built from the ground up. This was where they shared many precious memories and many a relaxing hour in one of Joan’s other favourite places – the garden!

Joan loved to ‘potter’ about in the garden and worked wonders with her green fingers which she continued to do right up until a year ago. Joan’s garden was really important to her, she would rarely let Bill have anything to do with the care of it! Bill sadly passed away in 2012 after a lifetime in their home together.

Just before his passing, Bill had noticed a decline in Joan’s health, and had asked Jan and Bob (Joan’s Niece and her husband) to
seek medical advice as to what could be the cause. A subsequent assessment with the mental health team and an MRI scan revealed Joan had developed Alzheimer’s.

During the initial stages of her condition Bob and Jan were able to look after Joan, ensuring her wellbeing, through what was a difficult time. It was a short time later in 2013 that Bob and Jan wanted to take a short break.

Broomfield Care were recommended to the family to provide care and reassurance and some much needed respite.  This allowed Bob and Jan to have a holiday knowing Joan would be well looked after.  Thereafter Broomfield Care continued to care for Joan on a daily basis to enable her stay in her own home.

It was only some time later (just short of five years) and due to the worsening of Joan’s condition, that another mental health assessment highlighted the need for a residential setting, to provide for her increasing needs. Joan had spent some time in a community hospital in Stroud after a fall, and it was felt that home was not the safest place for her to be.

Bob felt that Broomfield were instrumental in allowing Joan to stay comfortable and safe in her own home for such a long period of time, providing first class care and support. This also meant they were able to go away for slightly longer periods and relax knowing all her needs were taken care of. It meant Joan would have valuable interactions during her care worker visits and ensure a hot meal and drink each time.

The family eventually decided on Guild House after some deliberation and Joan took up residence on June 28 of this year. Bob explained that the transition was good and that the care home staff were very considerate and continue to provide excellent support for Joan, which was very important.

Joan has now settled in the home, they are extremely grateful for the care provided by Broomfield in their time spent with Joan.

Mr K (Joan’s nephew) : “Now that Joan is being cared for by Guild House Jan & I would like to thank you for your kindness, caring and professionalism in tending to Joan. She very much appreciated your friendship and company and we thank you for that”.